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Chaturbate is a porn site where you can chat to hot models online and masturbate!  You may have heard of other cam site competitors such as European Bongacams and LiveJasmin. is the largest xxx cam site with thousands of live amateurs broadcasting from home. There’s no wonder that the site has over 4 million visitors per month!

If you see yourself as the next best pornstar then you can upload your homemade amateur porn. 

How does chaturbate work?

You can have your own private show or join a group show. 

Is Chaturbate free to join?

If you’re looking for free cam porn then you’re in luck as users can watch cams and broadcast their own porn videos for free. 

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How do I create a chaturbate account?

You do not need a credit card to create a free account with You do not even need to put in your email address to register. You only need to create a username and password and enter your date of birth and gender.


How much are chaturbate tokens?

In order to watch a private show you need to purchase tokens. Private shows come under different price packages that range from 6 Tokens per minute to 90 Tokens per minute.  Each chaturbate token is worth $0.05, so you can buy 20 Tokens for $1. You can also use your tokens to tip models in their live webcam performance. 

Is chaturbate on mobile?

Chaturbate introduced a mobile version of the pornsite The mobile version of the pornsite still enables the main function of the website. This includes chatting, broadcasting, viewing and tipping.

What is Pancam? Pancam is a desktop application that enables your viewers to be able to take control of your camera. Unfortunately, Pancam has only two supported cameras: Logitech PTZ Pro and Logitech BCC950. This may be disappointing to those who have different cameras however buying one of these could be an investment opportunity. You can get fans to tip you in order to take control of your camera. You can also tip the other stars to take control of their camera. Some sexy pornstars will let you take control for free.

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What are Chaturbate fan clubs?

Chaturbate fan club is a fan page created for a broadcaster. This page will contain all of the xxx cam videos and sexy pics that involve the broadcaster. Some popular broadcasters will even give their fans exclusive content.

How to Start a Chaturbate Fan Club

You can start your own fan club by going to the Settings and Privacy drop-down on the “Broadcast yourself” page. Click on the drop-down on the Fan club settings to change the fan club cost. Your fans would then have full access to all of your porn videos and naughty pics at a cost of a subscription fee. 

If you’ve found a favorite cam porn star on chaturbate that you would like to support you can easily join their fanclub. There isn’t a limit as to how many chaturbate fan clubs you can join. 

What if a chaturbate broadcaster changes their fan club price?

Once you have signed up for a fan club on chaturbate you will continually be rebilled that subscription cost. If the broadcaster has increased their price during your membership you will not be affected. For example, if you had a $5.99 per month subscription, you wouldn’t pay more if the broadcaster increased to $7.99 per month. If you decide to cancel your subscription and then rebuy at a later period, you will then pay whatever the current subscription cost is. 

How to make money on chaturbate?

Chaturbate claims to give over $11,000  in prize money through the site’s competitions. Every hour, the cam with the most points wins a $10. You must be at least 18 years old to register. If you wish to claim your prize money you can click on ‘Claim your winnings’ and complete a claim form. However you must have earned a minimum of $50 to claim. All payments are processed on or before the 7th of each month. Please note that if you want to remain anonymous, this contest may not be for you. In order to receive your prize money you’ll have to submit your personal identification. This is including legal name and social security number.

Are there any sex toys you are not allowed to use on cam?

Extreme large sex toys or any toys that are shaped like animals or animal sex organs are not allowed on cam. 

You mustn’t use objects on camera as sex toys that are not designed for that purpose. However, you can use ‘fox tail butt plugs’ and other tail butt plugs. 

Chaturbate - Hot Texas Blonde - Web Cams and Sex Cams

How do points work?

Points are awarded every sixty (60) seconds, so it’s easy to quickly get in on the action! If you are one of the top ten most viewed broadcasters in a given minute, you’ll earn points! You can earn anywhere from 1-10 points per minute based on the amount of unique registered viewers that watch your cam for at least a minute. More viewers equals more points!

  • The most viewed broadcaster earns 10 points per minute!
  • The 2nd most viewed broadcaster earns 9 points per minute
  • The 3rd most viewed broadcaster earns 8 points per minute
  • The 4th most viewed broadcaster earns 7 points per minute
  • The 5th most viewed broadcaster earns 6 points per minute
  • The 6th most viewed broadcaster earns 5 points per minute
  • The 7th most viewed broadcaster earns 4 points per minute
  • The 8th most viewed broadcaster earns 3 points per minute
  • The 9th most viewed broadcaster earns 2 points per minute
  • The 10th most viewed broadcaster earns 1 points per minute

At the end of the hour, the broadcaster who has the most points wins $10 cash! The broadcaster with the 2nd most points wins $5 cash! All points are then reset and a new contest begins. Keep in mind that anonymous users who are viewing your cam do not count towards top ten rankings, so encourage them to register! The maximum amount of points achievable in an hour is six hundred (600).

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How many times can I win?

There is no limit to the amount of times a broadcaster can win prize money. As long as you maintain the highest points within the hour you will win cash!

How do I get paid?

Once you reach the minimum payment and complete a claim form, you can choose to be paid via check or bank wire. All payments are processed once per month and are sent on or before the 7th of each month.

What’s on the claim form?

To process your payment we require your legal name, mailing address, birth date, telephone number and social security number.

When can I get started?

Click Broadcast and start earning points right now! Good luck!

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